About me

"I have always been consumed with one desire;
to touch and see as much as possible of
the earth and the sea before I die. "
(Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek writer)
Megara, Greece
Megara, Greece

In this section, you can read about me, my personality, and the history of my relocation to Greece.

Where did this Mediterranean dream come from?

Back in my childhood, I dreamt about living in a country that had shores washed by seawater.

This vision came to my mind on our first family holiday in Italy, and being a go-getter kid, I knew my dream would come true once.

My past limitations

As I mentioned in the intro, I led a rather run-of-the-mill life until my 40th birthday.

However, I was interested in many areas of life, but my life had several limitations.
I was educated traditionally, like almost everyone else: learn, behave well, work, be married, and give birth to children, as others do.

Owing to the political situation, we had a template for our life, so we weren’t allowed to differ from the norms.

In the 80s, travelling abroad was also restricted at that time. I couldn’t adapt to the situation perfectly; because I was a daydreamer.

So, back to conventional education…
After graduating from the high school of economics, I acquired a college degree in education.
According to my college degree, I’m a special education teacher of children with learning difficulties.
I’d been working as a special education teacher for eight years when I left my job.

Teaching (Pexels.com)

My exemplary life

I loved my teaching profession in an elementary school, but something was still missing.

Following my self-created rules, I lived an exemplary life and attended charity events as a volunteer.

The only thing missing from the scenario of my life was my preference.
As a committed supporter of lifelong learning, I spent my spare time with sports and studying.
Though I’d been fully well physically, I was still looking for my soul peace for almost a decade.

Found my inner peace in Greece

When I visited Greece for the first time, I realized that my inner peace was the Greek vibe. There were stunning, picturesque landscapes, an irresistibly beautiful, crystal-clear turquoise sea with millions of shades, and unbelievably green Mediterranean plants surrounded by infinitive tranquility.

Greek people were friendly and helpful.
I didn’t want to leave this country for a long time.

The big decision

I decided to resign at the end of the upcoming school year.

Due to the continuously increased number of tasks pressed on the teacher’s shoulder for the same salary, I convinced myself this would be a beneficial switch.
Unfortunately, the situation of public education was already worrying.

In 2018, I resigned from the school and accepted a job offer as a tour guide in Corfu.

A new job on a Greek island

That was the perfect occasion to try how life goes on a Greek island.
The time I spent in Corfu was one of the most inspiring stages of my life, which I always remember with pleasure.

My first destination job in Corfu

However, travel destination jobs in tourism were very demanding; I adored this profession and fell in love with tourism.
I realized how fantastic feeling was to be familiar with a different culture.
I was happy to share my experience with people and help them to make their holidays unforgettable.
At the end of the summer season, possessing great experience, I moved back to Hungary. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long to get a job at a travel agency.
I adored working as a travel expert, but my Mediterranean dream didn’t let me rest.

A permanent job in Greece?

Following my dreams, I was looking for jobs in the cradle of democracy.
Six months later, a Greek company hired me for a customer service representative position. I hesitated for a while but was sure my dream awaited there.

The painful farewell

Imagine, I had to leave my beloved family, including my dog, my cozy and stylish flat, my incredibly green, lovely city car, and everything that brought security into my life at that time. I was an appreciated member of Hungarian society with a sure existence, which disappeared by purchasing a one-way ticket to Greece.

Landing in Athens

Some weeks and some litre teardrops later, my suitcases were ready to relocate to the land of Myths. My luggage was full of favourite stuff and heartbreaking memories from my home country. Mentally the most taxing part was the farewell from my family.
I visit them as often as I can.

So, I relocated to Greece in 2019.

A dream comes true

I’d worked for a Greek telecommunication company for about one and a half years when I got a job possibility in tourism again. The only issue with tourism jobs was that most of them were seasonal.
I needed to find a possibility to work from home, independently from the location and time.

I have an inseparable bond with Greece, which became my second home.

People often ask questions about how and where to travel to Greece.
I’m happy to help anyone with my blog content and recommendations.
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