About my blog

How did this travel blog idea come about?

When I stayed in Corfu, I wrote long, colourful blog-style emails to my family about the weekly happenings.
The goal was to let them hear about me. It wasn’t only informative but entertaining as well. I felt inspired to write.

Logas Beach, Corfu, Greece
Logas Beach, Corfu

The picturesque environment was more than motivating; it affected me like a muse. Words were coming naturally. I felt some inner compulsion to write. Besides photography, this is the most effective way to express myself.

Kineta, Megara, Greece
Taking sunset photos in Megara

I united my thoughts and tools in emails to make my family cheerful even if I was far from them.
Positive feedback made me happy. The emails I wrote to my family were like blog posts. A blog idea started to take shape in my head.

What can you read about in my blog?

My main objective is to inform people about Greek destinations and lifestyles. I recommend popular and less-known holiday spots and vacation places. Some hidden trip locations are known only by locals.
All the holiday destinations and trip spots are tested and recommended by me.

I intend to share cardinal and intriguing information about Greece and Greek culture. As an ex-pat, I had to face some weird situations and habits. Among other things, you can read about this as well in my blog.
The topics are versatile and embrace themes like travel, lifestyle, society, cultural differences, job market, photography, nature, sustainability, gastronomy, and climate change. Naturally, all of these are related to Greece.

Pachi, Megara, Greece
Pachi, Megara

The purpose of my blog

I know writing a blog is a big responsibility. I can influence my audience with my articles and lifestyle.
Aware of all this, my purpose is to motivate people to find their goals, help them step out of their comfort zone, and taste happiness.

It may sound commonplace, but it’s critical in achieving your objectives.

Some links on my site are affiliate links, which means there are no extra costs for you, but I earn a small commission.

If you book or purchase through these links, you can support me in maintaining and developing this blog.

Shortly about my photos

I strive to use exclusively self-taken and self-owned photos on my website. There are some exceptions, but I indicate the source in all cases.

All my photographs are protected by copyright.

Thank you for reading my posts!