Agistri (Saronic Islands)

A beach tour to Agistri

The Church of Agioi Anargyroi, Skala, Agistri Island, Greece
The Church of Agioi Anargyroi, Skala, Agistri Island, Greece

About Agistri Island

Agistri is an intimate pine-covered Greek island for an unforgettable one-day beach tour or a relaxing holiday.
The smallest inhabited island in the Saronic region is a one-hour boat ride from Piraeus.

If you’re staying in Athens or Aegina for a holiday, don’t miss to visit this tranquil island!

You can get to Aegina Island from Agistri in 10 minutes by ship. It’s worth visiting the Island of the Arts.

The island is  14 sq. kilometres and consists of only three settlements: Milos (Megalochori), Skala, and Limenaria. Skala is the busiest tourist area on the island, with several hotels and accommodations. Most of the Greek population of Agistri lives in Milos. These villages are only a 20-minute walk distance from each other. Limenaria lies on the other side of the island and is less visited by tourists.

Discover the island’s beaches!

When our ferry anchored in Skala Port, I was full of the indescribable thrill of the island-discovering feeling.
Even though we spent just one day on Agistri, I’ll surely return to this lovely islet. Owing to the hot weather, we settled down near the port of Skala.
Everybody finds a suitable beach (pebbled, sandy, rocky) within the village, even if you don’t like walking a lot.
On a short stroll, we found an enchanting beach with tiny caves, which gave the perfect solution to the intense sunshine. We hid there when the sun was burning too ardently. The landscape was stunning, and the sea was incredibly turquoise between the rocks.

The streets of Skala

It goes without saying; Agistri also has lovely traditional white-blue houses like on other Greek islands.

Explore the local gastronomy!

Due to the heat, we spent almost all day at the beach near the port.

Around noon, we explored the area’s restaurants.
Naturally, we tried some delicious Greek food at a local tavern.
Finally, we chose “To Agistri” in Skala. The food was immaculate, and the place was pleasant, owing to the Seaview.
Agistri is the home of several spice plants. I enjoyed the food with fresh vegetables and spices like oregano and thyme.
The local specialty is seafood, especially the grilled octopus.

To Agistri Taverna, Skala, Agistri Island, Greece
To Agistri Taverna, Skala, Agistri Island

Where to stay in Agistri?

Great value for money

Lastly, I recommend a peculiar hotel with a Greek atmosphere to make your holiday unforgettable and really Greek.

Hotel Agistri in Skala is an elegant hotel with an ancient Greek-style building. The location is excellent, near the safe and beautiful beach, shops, and restaurants. Perfect choice for families with children, and the price is affordable.

Tailor-made accommodations

Couples can find adult-only hotels as well on the island. Choose according to your preferences, and check out the availability by Booking!