Hydra (Saronic Islands)

The origin of the island’s name

Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands in Greece, in the Aegean Sea.
The island’s name in the ancient Greek language means “Water” and derives from the natural springs on the island. These springs are now almost dry.

How to travel to Hydra?

The island lies about 70 kilometres away from Piraeus. It takes 1  hour and 10 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the ferry’s type) to get from Piraeus Port to Hydra. You can reach Hydra in 35 minutes by highspeed boat; and in 1 hour and 10 minutes by ferry from another member of the Saronic Islands, Aegina.

Ships at the Port of Hydra Town
Port, Hydra Town, Hydra Island

What makes Hydra peculiar?

Approaching the island of Hydra by our ship, a historical atmosphere radiates from afar.
Respectable bastions, solemn towers, and remarkable alleys greet the visitors.
This unique island inspired many famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Mark Chagall, who made Hydra’s beautiful landscape unforgettable through their works.

A piece of history, Hydra Town

Motorised vehicles are forbidden!

Using motorised vehicles is forbidden by law on Hydra Island, except for the garbage truck.
Therefore, people travel on donkeys or horses on the island.

Donkeys at Hydra Town Port

The lack of cars and motorbikes makes the place much more relaxing.
However, the island is busy in the summer season, the air is cleaner, and humans and animals are calmer.

Hydra’s beaches

The island has several beautiful beaches, like the family-friendly Vlichos and Kaminia, near Hydra Town.
For a unique experience, visit rocky beaches like Spilia or Hydroneta.
These beaches are reachable on foot or by water taxi from Hydra Port.

A historical walk on Hydra Island

Hydra Town has a lovely crescent-shaped port. This city is the capital of the island. Hydra’s architecture is traditional, full of white houses and elegant stone mansions built in the 19th century by wealthy ship owners.

The crescent-shaped Port of Hydra Town

The exciting stone-pavement alleyways are rich in beautiful plants and flowers. It’s worth walking through them and revealing the tiny secrets of the island.
During your city walks, you’ll find mysterious streets embraced by the intrinsic Greek atmosphere.

On the left and right sides of the harbor, you can find The Bastions and Cannons of Hydra. These cannons protected the island from the Turkish fleet’s attacks in the 18th century.

The next stop of our time travel is The Historical Archives Museum of Hydra. The museum hosts historical archives related to education, administration, and religion, manuscripts from the Greek Revolution, maps, and old books.
Moreover, you can find traditional costumes, naval tools, and paintings.
The building was a local shipowner’s property.

The Historical Archives Museum of Hydra

During hiking, tourists can spot hidden churches, windmills, and a lighthouse in an idyllic environment.

Windmills of Hydra
Hydra’s windmills

A (not just) culinary experience

After an exciting city walk, relax and enjoy the culinary experience!
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Besides the excellent food, you can enjoy the stunning view.

Where to stay in Hydra?

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Taylor-made accommodations

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