Pachi, Megara sunset, Greece
Pachi, Megara

Why do I love Megara?

Megara, Greece is a place that is not yet well known among tourists but is very near to my heart; This beautiful historic town is the place I’ve been living since 2019.

The city and municipality lie in West Attica, halfway between Athens and Corinth, opposite the island of Salamis, which belonged to Megara in ancient times.
Megara is one of the most ancient inhabited regions of Greece.

The place is a harmonic meeting of the remarkable mountains and eye-catching coastlines.

The crystal clear sea is sparkling in turquoise, and you can discover different kinds of coasts, rocky, sandy, and pebbled beaches colouring the area.

Megara plays a significant role in Greek agriculture, so the city’s surrounded by pistachio and olive farms.
This spot is also natural and traditional, like most places in Greece.
Megara inspires film and reality show producers because it’s near Athens and an ideal place that looks like an island.

Pachi, Megara, Greece
Pachi, Megara

Where to stay in Megara?

According to my experience as a travel agent, most tourists like me prefer beachfront resorts.

My number one budget hotel in the Megara area is:

Hotel Cokkinis in Kineta. The hotel’s location is in a wonderfully natural environment; and is the most romantic accommodation with an impressive panoramic view of the Saronic Gulf.
The location is the perfect choice for couples that prefer tranquil places.
Great value for the price!
Besides, there are pet-friendly rooms as well.

All-inclusive hotel for families:

If you prefer a holiday in an all-inclusive top hotel, I highly recommend Kinetta Beach Resort and Spa.

Sporty guests like me can play tennis or mini soccer and enjoy watersports like jet-ski and parasailing.

Lying along the sandy beach, it’s an impeccable and safe place for a family vacation with children.

You may like to spend your holiday in a separate detached house and avoid crowds. 

Spend your vacation in a lovely beachfront house or near the city centre!

Booking is a reliable solution to organise your holiday. You can compare prices and choose the cheapest deal for your travel date.

Let the adventure begin!

1. Traditional culture

Do not miss checking out the impressive old town with its breathtaking view from the mountain!

Locate the ruins of the ancient Theagenes Fountain, constructed in the 5th century B.C., an example of brilliant ancient Greek architecture.

Locate dignified churches from ancient times and the Archeological Museum of Megara within the city!

Feel the historical vibe of the town!

2. Sports

  • Scuba diving

If you like spending your holiday actively like me, this place is for you.

A stunning underwater world awaits you!

Unearth the species of sea animals with Coastal Diving Center in Megara (scuba diving and snorkeling).

  • Beach bar with volleyball and watersports:

Play beach Volleyball, do watersports, and try excellent Greek food and drink in Kineta at Lubier Summer Club, one of my favourite beach bars. Lubier is a bar with a fantastic sea view and a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Rail biking:

Are you longing for an exceptional experience in a breathtaking environment?

Rail biking will be the best adventure for you! Learn more here!

3. Religion

Feel the spirituality of the Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos of Makrynos that the area exudes!

At the foot of Geraneia, on a pine-covered slope, stands the Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannou Prodromos of Makrynos at an altitude of two hundred meters. 

The services of the passions are celebrated with distinguished keenness every year during Holy Week.

Read more about the history of the Monastery here.

Alepochori has a fantastic beach as well. Even in autumn, you can enjoy sunbathing. It’s a perfect place for relaxing in all seasons.

My best excursion tips near Megara

(5 great spots for a selfie):

  1. Hiking on the Pateras mountain

Pateras (meaning: “Father”) is a mountain of West Attica with an elevation of 1.131 meters, and its highest peak is named Leontari (meaning: “Lion”).

At the top of the mountain, a stunning reward awaits you. All the Attica appears in front of you like a diorama. 

If you are a comfy guy, you can drive to the top. Don’t miss it!

2. The Ruins of Palaiokastro (Meaning: “Old Castle”)

The Palaiokastro Hill overlooks Megara coast. You can find the castle remnant at the top of the hill, from where you can see part of a Medieval Fortress that still exists. From up, the beautiful scenery of Pachi comes out, and from the other side of the hill, Varea Beach.

View from the Palaiokastro Hill, Megara, Greece
View from the Palaiokastro Hill, Megara

3. The monument of the mythical King Kar

Driving towards Kineta, you can find the monument of the mythical king Kar, who built the Karia Acropolis, and the sanctuaries of Demeter, called Megara, where the name of the city derived from. The ruins of the building are still detectable.

4. Agia Triada or Vourkari

This spot is a must-visit for fans of nature. If you are lucky and keep silent, you can notice flamingos or black-headed gulls.

Agia Triada is one of the most extraordinary wetlands in Attica. Rare species of flora and fauna visit the place yearly. Grab your camera and prepare your zoom lens!

5. The Old Chapel of St. George, Pachi

If you wish more from the Greek vibe, go to St. George Hill in the Pachi region. The hill is accessible both on foot and by car. 

Are you longing for the authentic Greek mood?

After enjoying the stunning view, taste the delicious traditional Greek food in Pachi’s popular Tavernas! The locals regularly spend their weekend evenings here to meet their friends.

+ 1 excursion tip for a one-day getaway from Megara:

Visit Athens, Loutraki, or Corinth, less than 1 hour away from Megara by car.