Sifnos (Cyclades)

Sifnos, the genuine Greek experience

Why Sifnos?

Visit Sifnos (Cyclades) for a relaxing holiday in an authentic Greek environment on a less-known island.

During the Covid Pandemic, I wanted to find a silent, less crowded, and less touristy island to spend some days in an inspiring area in Greece.

Kamari, Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

Sifnos Island was an excellent choice. This island is not typically touristy. It has lots of Greek visitors.

Greek people love their country, and in most cases, they like to go on a holiday in Greece. 

If you’re looking to be familiar with Greek culture, this is the best way to start it. Greek people are the best hosts. They’re open-hearted and delighted to answer your questions about their culture and history.

Sifnos has been known for its pottery. This is the island’s tradition from ancient times. If you want to purchase quality ceramics or join a pottery workshop, you are in the best place.

How to get to Sifnos Island?

There’s no airport on Sifnos. You can travel by ferry. 

Consider if you are OK with a long boat trip or are prone to seasickness.

By a high-speed SeaJets ferry, you can get there in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Travel time significantly grows by a traditional ferry, to 5 hours and 30 minutes, but the ticket price is much lower.

Kamari, Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece
Sunset at the Port of Kamari

A small but adventurous island

The original Greek vibe reaches you immediately as you get to the island, with its traditional white houses on the hills, embracing the lovely bay in Kamares.

The Port of Kamari, Cyclades, Greece

The protected cove is safe for families with kids due to its shallow, crystal-clean seawater and sandy sea shore. Children love to play here.

There are several restaurants and beach bars, but if you prefer calmer spots, you can find quiet places in the shadows of the trees on the beach.

Sifnos is only 15 km (9 mi) long and 7.5 km (4.7 mi) wide picturesque island.

Therefore you can visit all settlements in one day by car. 

You can rent a car on the island and discover all the angles of it, as we did.

  • Church on Sifnos Island
  • Houses on Sifnos Island
  • Sifnos landscape
  • Street on Sifnos Island, Cyclades
  • Sifnos, street by night
  • Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

Sifnos is a perfect destination, even for a calm and relaxing long weekend in every season of the year.

Despite its tranquility, the island has a vivid nightlife in summer with excellent clubs located mainly in Apollonia village, the capital of Sifnos.

Learn more about the clubs in Sifnos by clicking here.

Owing to the several watersports possibilities, sporty guys won’t be bored on the island.

You can rent a sea kayak, jet-ski, or motorboat, or you can go scuba diving. Local companies offer boat tours and island-hoppings as well.

Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

What to eat in Sifnos?

Try delicious Greek food with fresh, locally-grown olives, herbs, and vegetables! Enjoy excellent pastries, cheese, and the Sifnian roast lamb specialty “Mastelo” at a lovely tavern or restaurant!

Where to stay in Sifnos?

A picturesque hill-top accommodation (not just) for couples

If you desire a quiet and super-romantic place, I highly recommend Froudi Rooms in Kamares. 

We stayed in this accommodation for four nights. There is impeccable cleanliness, and the owner is super helpful and welcoming.

Our room had a breathtaking view of the bay. We enjoyed the picturesque sunset directly from the apartment. It was amazing!

The location is ideal, near restaurants and shops, and the port is only 500 metres. Kamares is 5 km from Apollonia, the capital of the island.

Great value for money!

Luxury Apartments for families on Sifnos Island

Astarte Luxury Apartments is a sophisticated choice with a panoramic Aegean Sea view for families. 

Choose accommodation on Sifnos Island according to your needs by clicking here.